Statement of Purpose and Intent

On March 12th, 2011 I began a 400 mile trek along the Arizona-Mexico border from Agua Prieta to San Luis Rio Colorado, an adventure with a purpose I am calling BorderVenture.

Through BorderVenture I hope to raise awareness of border issues, expose exaggeration of border violence, combat the racial profiling, discrimination, and often outright racism that seems prevalent of late, and to record and recount personal stories of people living near or trying to cross the border. I will record my experiences and stories in this blog, and hope to have them further covered by supportive media, organizations, and other websites and blogs. I plan to aggressively publish my experiences through media outlets, interested groups, the Internet, and through whatever other avenues I am able. I will write tirelessly and advocate my findings to all who will listen, publish, and share them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Beginning

And so it begins.  This past Saturday was the first day of sending my proposal out in search of information, contacts, and support for BorderVenture.  An exciting day for me, to say the least, and I sent out another volley of emails last night (and I'm already getting some great responses).  I plan to attend the Concrete Connections Conference at the University of Arizona next weekend.  This will hopefully be a good venue to meet people and make more contacts, share my plans and build awareness for BorderVenture, and gain some greater insight and information on the border. 

The greater the awareness of BorderVenture, the greater power it will have to make social change, so please share this with your contacts and promote it through whatever outlet you may have.  This will be the most important part of the project, and the part I will need the most help with.  I am also seeking contacts with experience working, living, and/or traveling along the border, contacts of people I might stay with along the way, and logistical and direct physical assistance.  This could include the locations of water caches already in place, placement of additional water caches along the border route, drop-off of food in the larger spans between towns, and potentially some short bits of companionship along the way.

Many thanks for reading, and I'll be sure to post with any new developments!